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Post-Independence Tourist - Bahamian or Nuttin!

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

On Saturday, July 11th 2020; the day after The Bahamas celebrated its 47th anniversary via the 1st virtual Independence bash, native-born Rochelle Jones acquired @CreativeConcepts242 services. We were indeed happy to have her back to the native soil #242, as she indicated that she wanted to celebrate Independence in The Bahamas. I then explained, that this year’s celebration was done via live remote which culminated in the traditional fireworks ceremony @ 12 midnight; to ring-in The Bahamas 47th birthday.

Rochelle mentioned that she lives in Dallas, Tx and that she’s apart of #Dallas/Houston,Tx242Group, with over 200+ members in the group chat. She mentioned, initially that she intended to be here on the day of Independence; but had to ensure that all necessary documents for Covid19 was met before coming home. So, a few of the members from the #Dallas242Group came together to cook, chill, and play Bahamian music. As a matter of fact, the #Dallas242 crew gets together every other month to foster #BahamianGrownCulture, keeping da cultural roots alive within Texas.

A natural #Foodie, Rochelle Bahamian ‘jones’ kicked-in wanting to eat only Bahamian food whiles on-da-go here in The Bahamas. Due to Covid19, most restaurants are still closed, thus ve’ had to get creative with our choices. So, @CreativeConcepts242 took her to Checkers Cafe for some #downhome steam conch with peas-n-rice, potatoes salad, and fried plantains. Later on that day, she wanted some guava duff and we most certainly fulfilled those wishes. Going way deep Ova Da Hill, for some fresh, oven baked guava duff that came directly out of the oven; fromPratt’s Creations.

Creative Concepts is delighted to cater to Ms. Jones whiles here in The Bahamas, and look forward to serving her in the near future again!

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1 Comment

Rochelle Jones
Rochelle Jones
Jul 28, 2020

It was SO GOOD to have touched down in my Bahamaland! My, how I missed it. One of the things I missed most was the hospitality and I got a good dose of it with @CreativeConcepts242. I was very well taken care of and I didn't need for anything. Service was always on time and conversations were funny and informative. This trip wouldn't have been the same without @CreativeConcepts242. Thank you for such wonderful service. I look forward to my next trip on the island!

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