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Upon reading this notice, Creative Concepts will not be held liable to the following: 

a) Any kind of reckless behavior resulting in sustainable injuries while in transport or any other products or services offered by this establishment.

b) Whereas tours mentioned but not limited to; Walking Tours, Just A Little Bit, & Once is Not Enough. With regards to a guest not adhering to the advice given by their tour guides on safety. Creative Concepts will not be held liable for patrons (guests) for any unforeseen accidents taking place on the other components of tours where patrons are allowed the privilege to explore forts, museums, etc. Any unforeseen accidents that have taken place on third-party sites will have to settle with the relevant proprietors of those third-party establishments.

c) Intoxication due to excessive consumption of alcohol that renders the patron incoherent resulting in an unforeseen accident.

d) Uncontrollable kids, temper tantrums, and malicious behavior resulting in an unforeseen accident

e) Robbery, theft, or loss of items. Though unfortunate Creative Concepts can't be held accountable for the loss of personable items. Thus, we strive for Saftey & Prevention!

g) Force Majeure,  against any force of nature known and unknown. Those are as follows but are not limited to rain, hurricane, tornado, etc.


h) Patron doesn’t properly disclose any impediment that renders them incapacitated due allergic reactions, special dietary needs as a result of Creative Concepts White-label & Beach Destination Wedding Packages. Creative Concepts will not be held liable and therefore will not assume medical responsibilities and/or bills that may incur.

i) Patron agrees to follow all rules and regulations that the boat captain recommends during the boat ride and/or water sport activities transpired. Patron is obligated to notify Creative Concepts or boat captain of any morning sickness or otherwise any ailment that may impede patron from being coherent. If the patron fails to notify the aforementioned parties and an incident, neither the boat captain nor Creative Concepts will be held liable. 

j) Any force majeure that renders the boat activity unable to operate on the aforesaid date. Patron will have the option to reschedule for another date or refund for that particular boat activity and not the multi-day tour package. Creative Concepts will not vacillate any full refund due to force majeure to boat activity and/or horseback riding adventure, or any outdoor activity operated by Creative Concepts and is impacted by the elements.

The above-aforementioned appendix releases Creative Concepts from any lawsuit due to negligence. Moreover, upon reading our waiver, our guest acknowledges the company’s policy and therefore can’t pursue a lawsuit against our company if found complicit above-mentioned acts.

Signed: Management

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