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Lil Ragged Cay

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Creative Concepts had the distinguish pleasure of meeting and providing various Business On-Demand Services for Mr. Ian Friedman. Ian, is a business consultant for Salty Capital. Salty Capital focusses primarily on nature conservation and its ecosystem in their natural habitat.

The nature of Ian’s visit was to meet with various organizations and business exec’s that align with Salty Capital Investments. Salty Capital recently acquired Lil’ Ragged Cay off the island of Ragged Island.

Creative Concepts’ On-Demand Services afforded Ian the luxury to attend these meetings he had schedule throughout the duration of his trip. Ian was able to meet with several stakeholders integral to this project. This will be an ongoing project that provide a natural oasis for Lil Ragged Cay. The objectivity is to keep this Cay untouched, and a dwelling habitat for all Bahamian species found here in The Bahamas.

Leaving with so much enthusiasm from each meeting, after the initial presentations; Salty Capital sole purpose is to provide mangroves, ponds, numerous oasis to increase Lil Ragged Cay population for marine and land inhabitants during various migratory, and mating season.

It was such a thrill to provide our private transfers for Ian and a Down Home Bahamian Guava Duff during his departure. Creative Concepts looks forward in providing our service to him, when on business in The Bahamas.

You’re Our Priority!!

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