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just a lil' bit! tour

Are you on a port of calling just a few hours, or maybe you’ve got a few hours to spare before a meeting, perhaps just want to do a quick tour of the town leaving you free to do other things that might interest you while here in Nassau, Bahamas? Then this tour, Just A Lil’ Bit would be ideal for you! Approximately, and 2hours 15minutes in duration, discover what The Bahamas has to offer with snippets of information with this tour.

This is a private, chartered tour and as such; it gives our guest the person-to-person or people-to-people experience that you may not incur within a large grouping. Guest will be to communicate with their tour guides in smaller, controlled groups; being able to have an effective dialogue between you and your tour guides. Learn, garner snippets of information on Bahamian history culture, all whiles having fun along the way. This tour will roughly cover about 3 square miles, which is the actual city limits of Downtown Nassau.

The tour will end, at one our famous Junkanoo Museum located just Ova Da' Hill (city limits of Nassau). Here you will greeted by one local staff on premises, who will take you on a guided tour the museum. See how Junkanoo has impacted the lives of our youths! Talented musicians, artists, and designers! Learn about its origin and the significance of the days in which we celebrate this illustrious parade. Partake in photos with costumes found inside the museum and the feel the da' rush with rhythm of the da' goat skin drums and cowbells. 

Some point of interest are as follows:

Fort Nassau
Fort Charolette
Queen Staircase
Rum Cake Factory
Pirate Museum 

The Bahamas is overwhelmingly bursting with a history that you will not be able to cover everything in this tour, and as such we give you just bits-and-pieces of history and culture along the way. Upon the completion of this tour, our aim is to encourage you to become immerse in our culture and take a piece of paradise back home with you; thus telling 

Important Details

Upon booking this tour, please ensure the following:

Full name and contact number of Lead Traveler
Pickup Location
Specified Time

Please note the following:
All cruise ship passengers, pickup location will be Prince George Wharf directly the Nassau Straw Market.
All hotel guest, pickup location will be at the foyer entrances of each hotels.

Guest staying in Vacation Rental Homes/Air BnB will need to provide directions to guest house you’re staying in. (If you’ve What’s App and can provide, a drop-pin location that will suffice).

ll guest should be at the desire pickup locations 15 minutes prior to your tour schedule time.

Tour price: $95 per-person

Min. of 3 persons for bookings
Max of 7 persons for bookings

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