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During this COVID-19 Pandemic, we want you to be safe!

Precautionary measures you can take at this time.

Never has anyone in this lifetime, with the exception those survivors of 1918-20 World War II pandemic, have encountered a crisis know as Covid19 before. Here at Creative Concepts, our assurance to our valuable customers that our chauffeurs and tour guides have been instructed on our policy protocol for Covid19 during this pandemic.

As such, we ask you our valuable customers to adhere to the same, by ensuring that whiles in public that you wear a mask; during our tours, and airport transfer. This is to ensure to continue to slow the process of Covid19 and preventing re-infecting or transmitting the virus.

Please continue to wash your hands or otherwise sanitize them after visiting a stop or point of interest on our tours or transportation. We thank you for your co-operation as we will continue to do our part in the fight against Covid19 and other crisis that may arises.

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