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Claretta & Marco are both Italians, now living in Charleston, South Carolina; and decided that they were way over due for some R & R!! Due to the certain climate, the world is now force to endure, returning to Italy wasn’t an option for them! As a result, they choose The Isle of The Bahamas to vacation at.

Hence, being an impromptu trip; the only thing was planned was their airlines tickets and hotel accommodations. Upon arrival to Nassau, Bahamas; Claretta & Marco was able to secure ground transportation with @CreativeConcepts242. The island adventure began with salutations and light conversation on the way down to their hotel accommodations.

About just two (2) days later, they had booked a tour with @CreativeConcepts242. The nature of the tour being, Just A Lil Bit; giving them bits, and bites of information on The Bahamas (the city of Nassau at large). The couple surely enjoyed their time @CraftCottageBahamas and @JohnWatling’sDistillery.

Other highlights where the Queen’s Staircase (66 steps) and Rawson Square. Upon completion of the tour, Claretta & Marco culminated their day with a quiet evening around the resort.

Creative Concepts looks forward to serving both of them in the near future!

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