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Welcome to Creative Events Experience!

It just got more luxurious with Creative Concepts!

We’re proud to launch our Creative Events segment of our full-service concierge brand; with the launch of our exotic, beach, destination, wedding packages. Now you can vacation, get married, and enjoy your honeymoon in paradise with ease!

All at your fingertips with our exclusive, white-label, down home, priority service provided. Just choose your package and complete all of the necessary information required to help us create magic by the time you arrive here in Nassau, Bahamas. These packages offer a full-range of services, leaving no stone unturned to create that once in a lifetime moment; full with bliss, joy, and laughter with your significant other.

Known for its panoramic, oceanic view, with white, sandy beaches for miles, and the vast sky, consumed with white, powder clouds so full that it paints a surreal backdrop for your wedding under the open heavens; where else to have big moment but here in The Bahamas with us! Customized for the immediate family or family and close friends, there’s something indeed for every bride when choosing Creative Concepts as your beach weeding consultants.

It doesn’t have to end with just a ceremony!

Have your wedding reception beach style, with live band music or selection of music played by a seasoned DJ. This is your day, and you deserve to shoot for the stars! Creative Concepts diverse concierge team can truly bring your dream, exotic, beach destination wedding to life!

Visit us today and choose from our four (4) exclusive wedding packages:

You’re Our Priority!!

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