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Tours, Tour Operators, COVID19 & Beyond!

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Nearly every country, continent, island, or cay has encountered this gruesome phenomenon known as Covid19. As a second wave has weighed down on the world’s ability to live, work and play, what does the future entails for tours and tour operators?  What does this means exactly for the travel industry moving forward in the wake of Covid and beyond? 

Most every platform, forum, seminar, virtual summit, and webinar that @CreativeConcepts242 has partaken in, the message is paramount; Travel will eventually return and a paradigm shift is eminent. This shift, leaders of world nations in conjunction with the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and WHO (World Health Organization) has entitled it ‘New Normal.’  What this means for many of us in the Travel & Tourism Industry, is that adaptation inevitable!

Here are 5 basic keys that @CreativeConcetps242 has develop as apart of our routine as we begin to navigate in this new frontier as travel resume forthwith:

  1. Cutting Edge - Staying up-to-date with the latest industry’s informations, products, and services to enhance your overall productivity. Also the ability to adapt or pivot to the latest protocols and industry trends being implemented across the diaspora. Here @CreativeConcepts242, our Management Team are constantly learning, improving their skill assets to ensure its company remains viable and its staff is cognizant of the latest training, and resources out there; ensuring maximum productivity in the workplace. 

  2. Digital Presence - It’s incumbent more now than before, to have a strong digital platform presence for Tour Operators seeking to remain relevant in the travel industry when borders begin to open and travelers begin to explore again. The WTC (World Tourism Council) and most B2B, & B2C destinations are encouraging their guest to utilize some kind of digital platform or payment processing system. Here @CreativeConcepts242, we’re indeed fully automated with our booking reservation system online via our website www.creativeconcepts242.com and through our third party affiliates also. 

  3. Distinguishable - Be unique, ensure that your brand is noticeable and your clients know who and what you’re about. As a Tour Operator, this is most important giving your customers the ability to know that your product(s) is authentic and solely own by your company. Here @CreativeConcepts242, we stand by our authenticity of our tours being 100% owned and curated by us and our chauffeurs, tour guides knows our SOP (Standing Operation Procedure).

  4. Distribution Network - Networking is a very integral part of a Tour Operator’s survival, and as such having a distribution network will increase  your tour business exponentially. We @CreativeConcepts242 have certainly explore this avenue and to our first time guest booking via our Third Party Affiliates, welcome and we look forward to seeing you soon. 

  5. Customer Service - Presentation is always key! Remember first impression is usually the lasting impression in business. Make sure deliver on your product and what you promise the customer, this will help build Trust and Rapport which goes along way in any business. For as we all know, word-of-mouth is still the best customer referral you can receive from any client as well as customer reviews. Be sure to read our reviews on TripAdvisor @CreativeConcepts242.

We Trust that we will see you when the borders re-open, YOU’RE OUR PRIORITY!!!!

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