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The Tixs Group/Third Party Reseller

For all you locals and international travelers alike, that frequents South Florida for shopping, leisure travel, experiences, events, nightlife, tours, and activities; @CreativeConcepts has officially become a Third Party Reseller for TheTixs.com. Tixs, is South Floridian company that sell and promote local vendors, and tours native to South Florida foremost, now The Bahamas, and Tristate Atlanta forthwith.

Tixs, encompass everything South Florida has to offer; from crazy-wild boat water adventure, to park adventures, wildlife, and so much more. Thinking of visiting South Florida for your next family vacation, leisure travel, or weekend getaway BOOK WITH US via

and save 5% off your purchase on any tour products by using our PROMO CODE: CCONCEPTS2020!

You’re Our Priority!!

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