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Hello Spring!!

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Vaccine campaigns has begun throughout America coupled with the stimulus checks rolled out by the Biden Administration, and here comes spring!!

The Perez, decided to take a much needed R&R here in The Bahamas! Luckily, they managed to ran into us guys @CreativeConcepts242. On the way to their resort, they decided to do a liquor store run; where they were able to purchase some libations for the duration of their trip and leisure time at the resort.

On the drive down to their final destination, @CreativeConcepts242 was able to provide Mr. & Mrs. Perez with little bits of information about The Bahamas; and its culture. Mr. & Mrs. Perez spent most of their time around the resort until they were ready to head back to California.

However, they both concluded that their initial stay was too short and definitely will be coming again with family to partake in some of the local Bahamian experiences via @CreativeConcepts242. Just minutes before their departure, they wanted to get a quick bite

from the Fish Fry (Arawak Cay).

Creative Concepts, is elated to provide the Perez with our local hospitality and service. We look forward to you and your family, the next time you’re in The Bahamas.

You’re Our Priority!!

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