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Creative Enterprise Concepts welcomes it's 1st Customer - As Bahamas Reopens Borders

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

It has been 3 months later, after the initial fall-out of the Covid-19 pandemic across borders and continents. The Bahamas were amongst several countries that were able to marginalize the spread of this pandemic, and as such, was able to re-open its borders for tourism and travel on July 1st, 2020. Notwithstanding, it's preamble for its citizens and guests alike; “Welcome to the New Normal!” paying close attention to social distancing and enhancing safety measures with regards to sanitization along with the enforcement for the use of PPE's (Personal Protection Equipments) such as a face mask, which is now mandatory for travels to The Bahamas.

Upon arrival it also mandatory that you present a negative PCR Swab test results from your local physician, clinic, or hospital along with a Travel Health Visa found on www.travel.gov.bs instituted by The Bahamas Ministry of Health. These two documents are essential in order to be allowed into the country for leisure, or business in order to curb the spread of the pandemic and keep our country safe for its citizens and guests to enjoy and live.

Creative Concepts was happy to welcome its first guest by way of walk-in @ 8pm on July 1st 2020 at Lynden Pindling International Airport. Mr. Dave Mack, a Floridian resident by way of Fort Lauderdale, decided to visit The Bahamas. This would indeed be his first time visiting the islands of The Bahamas, as he indicated to me. He was indeed delightful to be here he said as we began to talk with each other. I asked him to share his experience at the airport upon arrival and disembarking, he replied as follows:

Me: Was there social distancing in place and enforced?

Dave: Yes

Me: Were the staff there to ensure that you sanitize your hands after disembarking?

Dave:  Sanitize dispensers are placed throughout the airport once entering the terminal and encourage that you sanitize your hands.

Me: What documents did you had to produce to The Bahamas Immigration Officer at the checkpoint?

Dave: The Immigration Officer asked for my Negative PCR Swab Test Result and my Travel Health Visa.

Me: What happened next?

Dave: The Officer stamp my forms for entry and said Welcome to The Bahamas!

Me: How long did it take you to receive your Covid PCR Test and then your Travel Health Visa?

Dave: It took about 1-1/2days to receive my Covid Test and then another for my Travel Health Visa to process, so 3 days max.

Me: What was your overall mood towards the process of acquiring these documents in order to travel to The Bahamas?

Dave: I think, The Bahamas has done a remarkable job in keeping their cases low and these two pieces documents will help them further in keeping the country safe.

Me: So, why did you choose to come The Bahamas?

Dave: Its close proximity and the requirements for Covid, gave me the assurance of safety.

Dave spent 6 days 5 nights @ Bayview Suites on Paradise Island before heading to Bimini where he says he wants to do a little fly-fishing. On Friday, July 3rd he booked a little impromptu sight seeing with @CreativeConcepts242 where he was able to garner various pictures around Downtown Nassau as most forts, and monuments are closed until July 13th. We certainly wish Dave an enjoyable time in Bimini as he enjoys the rest of his vacation, and hopefully is able to catch some red snappers, or yellow tails.

As the Bahamians say, "It don’t get any better that this!" Island living is one of the best experience you can have as a tourist in The Bahamas!

Hope to see you soon........

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