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Bounce Back.....We're Now Officially Open!!!

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Effective immediately November 1st, 2020 travel has officially resume throughout The Commonwealth of The Bahamas. What that means, the mandatory quarantine in place for 14 days has been lifted and will now allow visitors to our shores to enjoy their vacation in more relax settings. 

The ability to enjoy our white sandy beaches once more, book authentic tours and experiences, and immerse yourself with the natural zest, vibrations, and island vibes can now pulsate throughout your well being again. If you’re an avid traveler, frequent visitor to The Bahamas, or a novice, the wait is officially over to kickstart your vacation and/or adventure to the isles of The Bahamas.

However, the following criterion are still enforced to continue to mitigate the spread of COVID19. The Bahamas still requires the following documentations from travelers as following:

A Rapid Negative RPT  PCR Covid test from an accredited lab, no more than 5 days prior to entry to The Bahamas.

Travel Health Visa obtain via www.travel.gov.bs.

Five (5) days after arrival, for guest staying more four (4) days will have submit to another Rapid test ensuring their health status whiles on vacation.

Health Insurance that will be inclusive of your Travel Health Visa. 

The respective cost of the Travel Health Insurance inclusive of your Travel Health Visa are; $40 for visitors staying four (4) days or less and $60 for visitors staying more than six (6) days.

Children underage of ten (10)yrs old, will be exempted from producing a Negative COVID RPT PCR test.

Whereas, the nature of this Travel Health Insurance is to provide travelers with the assurance if denied entry by Bahamas Immigration or become ill whiles on vacation in The Bahamas; the option to return home without any additional charges to the guest or taxation on The Government of The Bahamas. Creative Concepts admonishes all visitors to comply with all criterion needed to enjoy your vacation here in The Bahamas and adhere to all of protocols in place whiles in country. The following measure are still enforced by The Government of The Bahamas:

Mandatory wearing of mask in public places and/or settings.

Remaining social distance.

No large gatherings at the beaches.

Adhering to curfew(s).

For better information on what protocols are enforced on various island throughout the archipelago of The Bahamas, one can visit www.tourismtoday.com Know Before You Go segment. As always, Creative Concepts remain vigilant in making our travelers cognizant of travel measures, current events, and new products/services offered @CreativeConcepts242. 

Be sure to visit us for your Private Charter Services, Tours, & Concierge Cultural Experiences at www.creativeconcepts242.com!

You’re Our Priority!!

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