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   You are our Priority!   



Creative Enterprise Concepts was birthed out of the idea of providing a more personal, private, chartered service and experience for our clientele namely; individuals, couples, groups, and business executives that prefer a full-fledge concierge entity. We’re a diversified entity, comprising of chauffeurs for your ground transportation needs; as well as tour guides to handle your tour activities when visiting The Bahamas. CHOOSE US as your ONE STOP destination as we take pride in our deliverability, customer service, and presentation to our customers. 

                                                                                         You’re Our Priority!


All of our tours are own and scripted by us to give you that ‘Down Home Bahamian Feelin & Lifestyle.’ The newest tour to be added to our product selection is our Bi-lingual Walking Tour, given both in English and Spanish, that primarily focuses on the city limits of Downtown Nassau. You will begin to re-live some of the Ole Historic information about Nassau, which was formerly known as Charles Town during the early 1900s.

Choose from an array of our services and tours that we have to offer. Stay up-to-date with our blog and be sure to subscribe to us for the latest ‘Sip-Sip’ of events taking place here in the Isle of The Bahamas. We’re indeed elated that you stop by and visit our home, feel free to take a look around and let your imagination motivate you to CHOOSE OUR BRAND!  







At Creative Concepts, we strive to exceed our customer's expectations by remaining prompt and efficient.  Our chauffeurs are articulate, knowledgeable, and well-mannered individuals that adhere to our company's standards, as service-driven people.

Request a chauffeur for the day to take care of your transportation needs, business meetings, etc. Inquire within by booking now. 

We don't just cater to tourists, but all walks of life, genres, ethnic groups, work organizations, and civic groups. Once you've requested our services and we have convenient transportation solutions for all your needs, we will be more than delighted to handle needs. 



We offer both One-way and Roundtrip transportation to all airports, private or commercial airlines arriving, or departing at Lynden Pindling Airport or FBO's. Our charter fees are based on the minimum capacity of one (1) person to a maximum capacity of six persons: $150 (roundtrip) $75 (one-way).


If you are currently staying at a Hotel or an Air BnB property, or have made reservations to say at any one of these property listings around Nassau, we're happy to provide ground transportation for you as well.  Our charter fares are based on a minimum capacity of one (1) person or a maximum of six (6) persons).

This is a specialty that is usually booked and charged by the hour. This service is geared towards, but not limited to the following groups or classification individuals as follows:

Business travelers who are interested in applying for hire a chauffeur @ the hourly rate specified, while here in The Bahamas.

Yatchers that require On-Demand Services for the guest as pertaining to departures, arrivals, grocery shopping, etc.

Families that require grocery shopping upon arrival in Nassau and would like to ensure they have the essentials for the Air BnB



 White-Glove Service


Customize Services with a Professional Touch!


White Label Service Packages


1 Roundtrip Airport Transfer (5 persons)

1 Grocery Shopping Delivery

1 Curbside Liquor Delivery 

1 Curbside Pharmacy Delivery

1 Chef On-Demand Dinner

1 Day Nanny/Care-giver Service 


Cost $1,500

Visitor or guest staying 1-3 days


1 Roundtrip Airport Transfer (5 persons)

1 Grocery Shopping Delivery Service

2 Curbside Liquor Delivery Service

1 Curbside Pharmacy Delivery Service

2 Day Nanny/Care-giver Service

1 Masseuse On-Demand: Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage

1 Barber On-Demand Service

1 Hair-braider On-Demand Service

1 Manicure On-Demand Service

2 Chef On-Demand Service: Choice of Breakfast & Dinner or Lunch & Dinner


Cost $3,500

Visitor or guest staying 4-6 days



1 Roundtrip Airport Transfer (5 persons)

2 Grocery Shopping Delivery

2 Curbside Liquor Delivery Service

1 Curbside Pharmacy Delivery Service

1 Dry Cleaner Delivery Service

1 Masseuse On-Demand: Aromatherapy Massage

1 Hair-braider On-Demand Service

1 Barber On-Demand Service 

1 Mani & Pedicure On-Demand Service

Live-in Nanny: beyond 7 days additional $75 per day service charge

4 Chef On-Demand Service: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner

Cost $6,500

Visitor or guest staying 7 days or more


BYOP (Build Your Own Package)

1 Roundtrip Airport Transfer Customary

2 Grocery Delivery Service Customary

Cost $8,000

Visitor or guest staying 3 days or more





Airport Transfers

Barber On-Demand

Hair-braider On Demand

Manicure On-Demand

Mani & Pedicure On Demand

Dry Cleaner Delivery

Curbside Delivery

Swedish Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Aromatherapy Massage

Logistics are an integral component of any tour operator, ground transportation, and private charter business. Creative Concepts strives on customer service and the customer’s experience, therefore we want our guests to feel at home with our White Label Service. We’re indeed here to cater to your needs, YOU’RE OUR PRIORITY!


Our Concierge’s brand is the next level in our Private Charter Service, thinking of the needs of individuals, couples, families, and even groups who prefer the VIP Experience (Vacation In Paradise) with @CreativeConcepts242. We’ve taken the time to study the industry, evaluate, and then create 4 packages suitable for the needs of our extraordinary clientele. 


These packages are tailored to the needs of our anticipated visitors.

Upon booking your package, please provide us with your information as follows: 


  • Lead Traveler Information

  • Itinerary

  • Hotel/Air BnB Destination

  • Food Allergies

  • Vegan Diet

  • Special Dietary Need













Please note: 

Due to the Health & Safety Measure implemented by the government of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas in conjunction with the Ministry of Health, all services will be performed between the hours of 9 am-8 pm until indicated otherwise as the country is still under limited working hours. We thank you for your co-operation in advance and look forward to providing you with EXTRAORDINARY CARE.


Standard Rides:

Our Standard Rides comprises of (7) passengers. Van Names: Honda Odyssey/Honda Skywagon Which are fully air-conditioned.  These vehicles seat a Maximum capacity of (6) persons with luggage i.e. small to Medium size baggage.  All Charters are inclusive of 1-6 persons, when booking, respectively.

BOOKING OPTIONS; One Way Transfers or Roundtrips.

Premium Rides:

Our Premium rides comprise of (7) passengers

Vehicle Type: SUV’s namely: Chevy Suburban’s which are fully


These vehicles seat a maximum of (7) persons

comfortably with luggage. i.e. small to medium size baggage.

All charters are inclusive of 1-7 persons when booking, respectively


BOOKING OPTIONS: One Way Transfers or Roundtrips

Please send us the inquiry of your booking and we will be glad to

Speak with you and give you the price list of our services aforementioned




 When considering an island get-away vacation, the adventure should be a paramount part of your planned activities on your itinerary. Yes, staying at the most modern, trendiest, and hopping resort or 5-star hotel is on anyone's bucket list; however becoming feng shui with the island’s customs, traditions, culture, and heritage are prime ingredients for creating long-lasting experiences and memories of a lifetime. Believe me, The Bahamas is indeed one of those islands.


As one songwriter expresses, “Inagua is the best-kept secret in The Bahamas; Geno D!” If you didn’t know The Bahamas comprises 700 islands, which we like to reference as an archipelago of islands. Undeniably, The Bahamas is rich with culture and heritage that one can explore. Here are some things that you can do in The Bahamas: visit a local art museum, nature trails, feel da rhythm of da goatskin drums, eat like a Bahamian, taste some of our native fruits that are in season, lastly quench ya thirst with some island switcha, flavored beer, or fruity drinks like Sky Juice.


Nothing will sizzle your taste buds like a succulent grilled lobster, fresh from of the grill drizzling with garlic butter and herbs; or a nice golden barter cracked conch served with your choice of sides like fried plantains. Most Bahamians crave conch, and as a guest to our shores, we would recommend you tasting some freshly made conch salad, tropical salad, or conch fritters. If you’ve got a sweet tooth like most Bahamians ya must taste our local guava duff, absolutely the best tasting Bahamian pastry on the island.

Now that we’ve given you a little sip of what’s the island life about here in The Bahamas, are you ready to Spiliegate with us? 

Image by Forest Simon


“Our first time in the Bahamas it was an unforgettable experience. Thank you for an amazing trip, we will never forget it, we were in great hands with Mr. Butler!”  Ann & Jason B.



A once in a lifetime moment, so let's make it last!! Let Creative Events plan your Beach Destination Wedding today!!

We are excited to Partner with TheTix Group as a Reseller for all things Tours, Events, Rentals, Cuisine Experiences, Cultural and Art Deco in South Florida or any of the other affiliates throughout the diaspora!




Jungle Island

Miami, FL

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To Book this Tour

please visit us at:

Multi-day Tours


Hop -Scotch 

4 Days 3 nights 

Spend multiple days experiencing what The Bahamas has to offer with our Hop-scotch package. This package gives you a taste of Home Grown Experiences, in small, private, and unique settings. Bring your Team, Family Members, or Friends on a fun-filled adventure, culinary experiences, and aquatic scenery.  All compiled into one package. Come and experience our Hop-scotch Package at Creative Concepts!



5 Days, 4Nights

For all those sea-worthy tourists, aquatic adventurers, fly fishing, sport fishing, and underwater novice; the Salt Life is calling you. Creative Concepts has put together this multi-package inclusive of both land and sea adventure to give you a taste of our own Home Grown Experiences. Our private chef will prepare your Catch of The Day!

Come let's Spilligate together!!!

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